Mexican Getaway

In early spring 2015, anticipating the six weddings (yes, six) we would be attending over the course of the spring and summer, Jay and I decided to plan a relaxing vacation for after all the celebrating was over. 

I initially tried to convince him to go to another destination in Europe (so many places still to see!) but he insisted that we needed a vacation, not a trip. I am definitely glad that he convinced me.

On recommendation from someone Jay works with, and lots of visits to TripAdvisor, we finally settled on the all-inclusive, adults only Excellence Riviera Cancun. We flew direct from Boston to Cancun on JetBlue and spent a week in paradise the week before Christmas.

We opted for one of the swim-out suites, which are located on the ground level, and each have a private outdoor patio complete with hot tub, hammock and day bed. Five steps from the day bed and you land right in the lazy (very lazy) river. Across the lazy river from our room was the spa, which was constantly playing the most tranquil music, just adding to the serene atmosphere right outside our room.

Jay and I are very much alike, and found that out even more on this vacation. We spent most of our days reading on the lounge chairs on the beach, swimming in the amazing warm Caribbean Sea, drinking lots and lots of margaritas, and of course a daily Coco Loco at 11:00 am sharp! We fell into a blissful routine of wake up, breakfast, beach, room service for lunch, pool, nap, dinner, bar, bed… repeat. We had perfect, sunny weather the entire week. In general the resort was very quiet. If you’re looking to party (which we weren’t), it’s probably not here, though the swim-up pool bar was always more lively and a lot of fun!

I cannot say enough about the service here, and can’t wait to go back or try one of their other resorts. I think it will be extremely hard to get me to try another other all-inclusive resort chain after this experience. The waiters serving drinks on the beach was the best. The food at all of their eight restaurants was amazing. We had a couples massage at the spa, which was heavenly. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. The atmosphere was laid-back and peaceful, and certainly perfect after the busy year we had.

Photos taken by Alicia DeAngelis.

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