Tulip Farm

This past April, a lovely tulip farm called Wicked Tulips opened in Rhode Island. I am a huge fan of anything floral, and love having fresh blooms in our house (strategically placed where Fitz, our cat, cannot get to them – a tall order!) Knowing the fields of flowers would make for some beautiful photos and that I could take some home with me, I just had to go. Watching as the farm’s popularity increased on Facebook with each passing day as soon as they opened (and tickets required on Saturdays and Sundays due to larger crowds), I convinced Jay that we should grab the camera and go when I got out of work on a Friday. I don’t get out of work until 5:00, so it turned out to be a little chilly and cloudy (although Jay likes shooting when it’s cloudy), but the fields were still loaded with the colorful flowers and the crowd small.


The farm has two sections. One is just for strolling, looking and photographing (no picking here!) and the rows are labeled and organized by type and color. The other section is where you can pick your own for $1/tulip. The entire farm is just so beautiful and colorful! They open at the end of April, and stay open for as long as there are still tulips to pick and view.


I picked out a dozen tulips in varying colors, brought them home and arranged them in a vase. They made a colorful addition to the bar cart in our kitchen. I can’t wait to go back next year!


Photos taken by Jay Brodeur.


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