Master Bedroom Redesign

Jay and I agreed that it was time to upgrade our master bedroom furniture from his “bachelor pad” IKEA set we had been using since he moved in with me two years ago. When Jay moved in, my bed went back to my parents’ house. I took the opportunity to furnish my spare bedroom with the rest of my furniture, and create my dream walk-in closet/dressing room. (That was a fun project…at some point I will post photos of it!) I had been sleeping on a full size bed, so it only made sense to move in Jay’s queen size. (Jay is over six feet tall, and he barely fit on the full!) I ended up hating Jay’s mattress in the beginning because it was much more firm than my cushioned pillow-top. After two sleep troubled nights, I went out and bought a soft topper for it. That seemed to help, and I eventually got used to it. Early this past summer, we decided it was definitely time for an upgrade. Finally, we would have matching nightstands! I instantly began gathering inspiration, pinning like crazy, and researching where we would make this important purchase.



After days of online research and inspiration boards, we took a trip to Raymour & Flanigan on one cloudy summer day in July. I knew I wanted a tufted headboard and was drawn to a more neutral color pallet of whites and grays.


I instantly fell in love with this white furniture set (the pieces have soft-close drawers!) I chose to accent with blue, which is Jay’s favorite color. This allowed me to utilize a lot of the items, like the lamps, curtains and accent pillows that we already had, since our previous bedroom color pallet was mostly blue.


A lot of credit is due to Jay for being {mostly} patient with me throughout the process, even when it came time to put down the rug, which was delivered a week later than our furniture…oops. Our new firm memory foam mattress is like sleeping on a cloud by the way, but what I’m most excited about is the way my vision for this room actually came to life. I am so in love with it!


Photos taken by Alicia DeAngelis.


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