Lake Como

Here is the continuation of my series of posts about our trip to Italy earlier this month. From Milan, we decided to do a day trip to Lake Como. This day may have been my favorite part of the entire trip.

We took a 10:20 train from Milan Centrale to Varenna (the train was about an hour). Once we arrived in Varenna, we hopped on the ferry to Bellagio, with the plan to come back to Varenna later on. I have decided that Lake Como is the most beautiful place I have ever been. The scenery is incredible. I could not stop taking photos!


In Bellagio, we climbed the cobblestone steps and shopped along the way, visited an old church, and then did a three glass wine tasting with lunch at a place called Aperitivo Et Al, which was fabulous! Our waiter explained each wine we were drinking in great detail (and very good English) and the lunch was great! We then continued exploring the town a little more, saw some beautiful hotels and saw the opposite side of the lake. We headed back to the ferry, stopped for some gelato and then hopped back on the ferry and went back to Varenna.


Varenna was incredibly beautiful too. We strolled along the passarella (pedestrian bridge right along the water), went into a few shops, took a ton of photos, climbed more cobblestone steps, and then settled into a place right on the water for an aperitivo. We then went to dinner at Ristorante La Vista. This place was amazing! It sits up high and has beautiful views of the lake. We sat outside and watched the sun set as we ate yet another incredible meal. After a nice long scenic dinner, we headed back to the train and left for Milan at 21:37. I think Jay and I have our sights set on retirement in Bellagio! It was simply magical, and I could have easily spent multiple days exploring the other towns and villages along Lake Como.


Photos taken by Jay Brodeur and Alicia DeAngelis.

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