Simple Christmas Decor

The year Jay and I met was my first Christmas in the condo. I had almost no Christmas decorations, so the day after Thanksgiving that year, Jay took me shopping. 

He then very patiently helped me put up my small table-top tree and decorate the entire condo. You will be able to spot the Bruins candy canes on our tree – those were Jay’s idea. This became our tradition – decorating the condo for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and by the following Christmas, Jay had moved in.

Last year, we went to Mexico the week before Christmas. We decided not to decorate too much, or even put up a tree since we wouldn’t be around to enjoy it for an entire week. With no vacations planned this year between now and Christmas, we decided to fully decorate again…well…as much as we can with a very curious almost 2-year-old cat.


We are keeping it simple, and to be honest, leaving anything breakable in storage. That means no Snowbabies on display, and most importantly, no breakable ornaments on the tree (e.g. some of our favorites – from Mexico, Paris and Italy). We are hopeful that some year (maybe when Fitz gets older), we will be able to put these out. In fact as I type this, I can hear Fitz messing with the tree. He’s been pulling on the ribbon and knocking down ornaments. I could never be mad, he definitely thinks it’s a toy. You can see him plotting his attack in the photo featured above!


By the way, our tree is fake and conveniently came with the lights already attached (we got it at Benny’s). Some year I dream of having a real tree (maybe when we buy a house and have more space!) but for now I am burning the Fresh Balsam three-wick candle from Bath & Body Works to compensate for the scent of a real tree. (I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works candles, and this one smells just like a real tree!) Aside from the storage of any breakable items, we opted for ribbon and bows only on the railing, and kept the garland in storage. We put stockings on our faux fireplace and on Fitz’s kitty condo, and mistletoe above the stairs. Cat limitations considered, I think the condo came out very nice this year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the holiday season, and looking forward to lots of festive parties and time with family and friends like we are!

P.S. This Temptations commercial is hilarious, and captures exactly what it’s like to have a cat during Christmas…and the tuxedo cat featured looks so much like Fitz!

Photos taken by Alicia DeAngelis.

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