Walk-In Closet Tour

Disclaimer: My “walk-in closet” is actually a bedroom.

When I bought my two bedroom, one and half bathroom condo a few years ago by myself, I initially did not use the extra bedroom for much other than storage of some of my coats in its closet. I always considered turning it into an over-sized walk-in closet, but didn’t pull the trigger on that project until Jay moved in with me. Knowing that Jay was moving in with all of his clothes and stuff, and that he had a bedroom set, I decided to finally turn that spare bedroom into my dream “woman cave.”


The wicker furniture is actually my childhood furniture! It fits so perfectly in this space. My  mother’s family used to be in the furniture business, so I credit her good taste and knowledge of quality furniture for the fact that the set has held up (and survived two moves) over the years!

When I do eventually sell my condo, I obviously will market it as a two bedroom. For this reason, I did not install any permanent closet structures. I want a buyer to be able to walk in and see that it really is a bedroom, and also that there won’t be holes in the walls everywhere or fixtures to tear down. Enter The Container Store, which is THE place for closet organization whether permanent or temporary like mine. I purchased two free-standing racks with two tiers for shirts and pants, one taller rack for hanging longer dresses, two shoe racks for inside the (real) closet and finally the floor to ceiling shoe tree.


I also have three over-the-door storage pouches. One side holds my flip flops and sandals, and the other side holds my winter wear (hats, gloves, etc.) I switch them around depending on the season.  You may remember the third one, which holds my significant nail polish collection, from this post about my at-home manicures. The bench in the middle came from Home Goods, and also serves as storage for my scarves and bathing suits.

Last but not least, the most recent addition was this Impressions Vanity vanity mirror, which you may remember seeing on Instagram. I got incredibly lucky, and won it during a Margo & Me holiday giveaway. It is AMAZING! I sit here and do my makeup each day with the most perfect lighting. My two best friends also just gave me that clear makeup holder for my birthday, which has allowed me to organize my makeup so nicely!


My walk-in closet is a nice retreat for early mornings when Jay gets to sleep in, so I don’t disturb him when getting ready for work. It’s also perfect for when we are getting ready at the same time for a night out – I disappear into my closet and he doesn’t get in my way (or visa versa haha) while we are trying to get ready. He does usually sneak in and use my hand steamer though – that thing is the best! It’s from Macy’s! And in case you are wondering, all of Jay’s clothing and accessories fit quite nicely in our bedroom, and when we do sell this place and buy a new one, he has been promised his dream man cave. 🙂


Photos taken by Alicia DeAngelis.

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